“Networking” — Success Secret of Early Stage Startups

Image Credits: Unsplash

1. Join New Groups

An ultimate way to elaborate your network is via attending the meetings or joining new groups and interacting with the people who have similar interests like yours. For that, you can arrange some formal and informal conferences to make new friends who are working in the same field or area. The meetings will let you know some exciting new business ideas or a few ideas for business growth and expansion. You can think of joining already existing business groups and start attending their meetings and informal parties. There you can get a chance to analyze some of the significant aspects related to any startup based on their experiences.

2. Originate a Discussion

If you are a business owner, you might always be busy organizing a lot of tasks in a queue or prioritizing them for your company. If you are also dedicating all of your time in front of the desktop, you would rather miss various opportunities to attend the gatherings. So, you can even participate in the online conferences, or you can also be the part of the discussions with similar careers and interests. Therefore, try to get regular updates of well-respected boards and forums where you can have a word with several startups, and it is like a golden opportunity to make new business relationships.

3. Give and Take

Though you tend to develop professional contacts, you should always remember that you are still cultivating a relationship. To be precise, you need to build a habit of giving in return as well. It is necessary because no one would ever like to be taken advantage of their goodwill.

4. Say no to Sales Mode

Are you stuck to the tried-and-true sales pitch while you are creating your network with fellow entrepreneurs? If so, leave this strategy as this seems to be out-of-trend and sometimes one of the amateur tactics to some. Also, do you still follow giving a presentation via PowerPoint? Well, you should instead use some other skills and your strong personality to win people over..

5. Be on the Lookout

If you are restricting yourself to the planned events of your network, then you will inevitably fail to explore more about your industry. While looking for a success secret for your startup, you need to visit the places where others mingle frequently. From fundraisers to major conferences, you require to visit as many as events possible to attend and build a rapport there.

6. Don’t Exaggerate

You might find this bit counterintuitive, but you need to learn the time management as well because you cannot give all of your valuable times to the networking. Though creating a network is a most critical aspect of growing your startup, you have to remain focused on the core tasks of running your company.

7. Have Planned Goals

Time management is an important parameter to consider while making a business networking strategy, but there are other factors also which should be taken into consideration. In general, you should create a strategy with planned goals. The reason behind doing networking with a specific strategy is that the leaders, owners ( CEO’s) are usually occupied and are pressed for time. And the social media events may easily get chatty.

Take Away

The above tips and insights will help you to accelerate the growth of your network. Therefore, try to stay connected always and work not to miss an opportunity to create a network. Since it is essential for the success of every new startup, choose a right network that will eventually make you feel motivated and solidify your passion for growing your business.



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