Business valuation software to value startups

Business valuation software to value startups

Why is the business valuation software for?

On average, a valuation process lasts for more than 20 hours. It is common for valuations to require considerable data analysis and comparison to peers, as well as workflow management and adherence to professional standards. In addition, many of the “regular” or “standard” components of the valuation process are time-intensive, which is why it takes days or weeks to complete a valuation engagement.

What is the best business valuation software and what does it have in store for you?

Eqvista has a plethora of possibilities in store for you. Eqvista’s startup valuation is a quick and easy solution for startups in search of fair service. That being said, time gets reduced to a great extent.

  • Trusted and fully proven valuation methodologies get to bridge the work for you.
  • Quicker and Easier: Get your work done in just 20 mins. Here, the work is done without any hurdles.
  • A perfect choice for those companies needing valuation software on a daily basis.

What is the mechanism behind valuation software?

The traditional and regular valuation takes a huge amount of time to get its work done. Even when it’s taking the service from a professional valuation analyst, the startup valuation would for sure take a huge amount of time. The startup valuation, on the other hand, has just a simple requirement. It just requires one to answer the business-related questions. These questions form the basis for proper business valuation.

  • Team/management
  • Business
  • Product
  • Market
  • Sales and Marketing

Business valuation methodologies that the software holds

Here are 4 valuation methods — the Berkus method, the scorecard method, the risk factor method, and the VC method that our software can assist you with.

  1. Berkus Method — Examination here is based on five critical success factors involved in this method: the basic value, technology, execution, strategic relationships in its primary market, and production subsequent sales.
  2. Scorecard method — This method involves and employs percentages and market data. Allowing angel investors to determine the average valuation for these startups.
  3. Risk Factor Method- Here the position of the company is compared to the other startups to better determine whether one is at a position of risk or not.
  4. VC method — A boon for startups not having revenues yet. It can be availed at an early stage in pre-revenue enterprises.
startup valuation software — Eqvista

FAQ On Business Valuation Software

Why are professional services required for the Business Valuation of a Start-up?

Understanding and then building services for a startup can be tricky in the beginning. As mentioned earlier, the model of the business and its nature needs to be understood to carry out the processes. A business valuation software would help scale this up and win the market position.

Explain Valuation reports for the business evaluator

Firstly, when you answer the questionnaire and feed the required information, the valuation report automatically gets created for you. The valuation report determines the value of a startup that is based on its condition and location, and secondly, upon receiving the valuation report. A lot of benefits unfold. You start acquiring funding for your company and get new projects. This way, a lot of venture capitalists and shareholders get attracted to your business.

Is pricing an Issue?

When it comes down to availing of the services of a valuation software, it can become a bit costly and a pinch on the pocket. Eqvista understands your condition. Eqvista has created options for you that are cheap and quick for valuation.

Why should you consider VALUATION?

  • Good and valuable deals get knocked down because of unrealistic valuation. This offers a huge loss.
  • With Valuation, you will get to know the real worth of your business and what you deserve in a transaction.
  • Realistic valuation offers Greater chances of winning buyer/investor confidence.

Does this software provide a full valuation report?

The startup valuation is not the same as a full valuation report. If you are looking for a full valuation, please contact us.



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